Financial Planning

The Financial Planning Process


Step 1: Establish the Client-Planner Relationship

Our first appointment is always complimentary so leave your checkbook at home. We want to get to really know you and what matters most to you, especially your core values and specific financial goals. This is the first step in our second opinion analysis.


Step 2: Establish Client Goals and Objectives – Fact Finding

Also in the first appointment, we will collect all relevant financial data so please take the time to gather and bring all the requested documents. This will save time and allow us to complete your second opinion analysis much faster. Once we establish and prioritize your goals, objectives and risk tolerance, we can begin to analyze and evaluate so we can provide a meaningful and comprehensive second opinion analysis.


Step 3: Analyze and Evaluate your Financial plan

We will analyze and evaluate your information and assess if your current situation is meeting your goals and objectives. Determine results if no changes are made to the current plan of action. We will present all the relevant data (in the second appointment) and show reports to your specific situation. The second appointment can be an eye opening event for many of our potential clients. We will let you know if our firm can add value to your specific situation but there is absolutely no pressure to make a decision at that time. We will also clearly define all applicable fee structures based on your specific situation so you can make the best decision for your family.


Step 4:Develop and Present Recommendations

In the second meeting after addressing your current plan/second opinion we will also develop a preliminary comprehensive plan or specific recommendation based off your goals and objectives. We will make sure the client has clarity on how the recommendation will help achieve goals faster. We will revise recommendations as appropriate.


Step 5:Implement the Financial Plan Recommendations

In the third meeting we will agree on how recommendations will be implemented. We will help coordinate the entire planning process using financial professionals such as CPA’s and estate attorneys. The paperwork usually takes about an hour and the actual transfers can take up to four weeks before the new plan is actually implemented.


Step 6: Monitor the Plan – Semiannual and Annual Reviews

Monitor the plan, investment performance reviews, goals and objectives updates, family meetings, client appreciation events and dinners. Your Generational Vault will be an invaluable tool for your entire financial life.


A4 Wealth Advisors, LLC has partnered with Gradient Investments, LLC for professional third-party money management.