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Step 2 – Fact and Feeling Finding

Balancing Risk To Find Reward

The second step helps us understand where your assets are currently invested and the amount of risk to which they are exposed. Many clients want their assets secure enough to generate a steady stream of income on the first day of your retirement, but still maintain enough market involvement and growth potential to generate future income.

Our company wants to sit down with you to understand your unique financial goals, needs and objectives. To see what kind of plan works for you.

Prior to coming in for your appointment you’ll take a risk analysis using a self-assessment called the Color of Money Risk Analysis, which delivers an immediate numerical score and a brief explanation of your risk profile. This analysis and your assigned score are designed to help you understand how you feel about potential investment gains and losses so you can appropriately allocate your assets. Ultimately, how you organize your assets and balance their exposure to risk can have a significant impact on your retirement lifestyle. Your Color of Money Risk Analysis score will be recorded in your personal Generational Vault.

By the end of the our meeting with you, you will have a better understanding of your financial situation – and be ready for help addressing it.

This appointment, along with your Color of Money Risk Analysis score, enables us to help plan your retirement strategy in a completely transparent and documented way, and helps you gain a more in-depth knowledge of the financial concepts covered in the reports provided in Step Three.

Your Color of Money Risk Analysis score and your answers to questions in the Strategy Assessment will be recorded in Generational Vault.