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Step 3 – Strategy

In Step Three, we will examine key areas that are fundamental to successful retirement planning, which may vary based on your retirement goals but most commonly begin with an analysis of asset allocation and risk tolerance and include a focus on income planning. Additional consideration and analysis is also offered to include asset maximization, legacy planning and tax strategies.

Asset Allocation And Risk Assesment

Step Three of the New Generation Retirement system continues with a comprehensive analysis of your asset allocation and risk. This is based on the numerical score revealed in your initial Color of Money Risk Analysis and information provided in the risk analysis section of the Strategy Assessment. Every client who partakes in the New Generation Retirement system will receive a personalized Color of Money report, which offers an analysis of how your retirement and investment accounts should be exposed to risk and loss.

Income Planning

We start the retirement planning relationship by evaluating if your income is adequate to maintain your standard of living. Your Social Security benefit is the foundation of your retirement income plan. We calculate scenarios using a Social Security Maximization report. This report illustrates when and how you should file for Social Security in order to help you maximize your lifetime benefit.

Once we understand the role Social Security will play in your income plan, we look at the rest of your assets to ensure they align with your retirement goals. This is only realized once we execute the Retirement Compass report, which helps you chart your income planning destination using tools that explore and maximize growth potential. The report shows multiple sources of income and the recommended strategy to take income throughout retirement.

It isn’t just the amount of income that is important but how you manage the various sources of income. You will receive essential information to explore guaranteed* income vehicles, assess the impact of investment income, and avoid common mistakes people make with their Social Security income.

When you partner with our company, you receive a comprehensive analysis of your options with the Social Security Maximization report and how it can integrate with the rest of your income plan using the Retirement Compass report. Both reports are made available to you online through your Generational Vault account.

*Guarantees are based on the claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company.

Asset Maximization

Once we have designed your income plan, we will align your assets with your risk tolerance and growth expectations.

You may receive options that allow you to trade off some liquidity for additional growth or ones that allow you to take advantage of the latest managed money platforms. It may be appropriate to have some of your money in the market but reduce volatility.

You also gain access to the experts at Gradient Investments, LLC – an SEC registered investment advisor that provides professional money management services to our clients. Together with Gradient Investments, we help you realize your asset maximization goals, and this is best accomplished through the Portfolio Analysis Review (PAR) and the interactive Asset Map software.

Using the PAR process, you receive a thorough written analysis of your investment portfolios that combines third-party statistics with a simple, easy-to-read report so you can identify the risks and rewards as well as the fees associated with your investment portfolios. The PAR process works in conjunction with the interactive Asset Map software to chart a course that will provide tangible alternatives for asset maximization.

Legacy Planning

Our company believes legacy planning should be addressed after you establish a firm foundation for your retirement plan through proper allocation of assets and a well-constructed income plan.

The New Generation Retirement system offers support to those who are seeking to create generational wealth and maximize their legacy. When you partner with our company, legacy planning starts with an array of reports made available through Generational Vault.

Tax Strategies

During your lifetime, you will be faced with making significant financial decisions, and the consequences of those decisions can have a very significant impact on your financial future. The New Generation Retirement system allows us and your tax professional to review your goals and objectives to determine if and when we should incorporate dedicated tax strategies as part of your overall retirement plan.

Our tax strategy offering includes three tax reports focused on minimizing your tax bill as well as advanced planning options through unaffiliated third-party tax firms. Each report is placed in your Generational Vault for viewing.