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Step 4 – Solutions & Executing

Any solution we discuss will be based on your facts, feelings, goals, objectives and the analysis we completed during Step Three: Strategy. Even years from now, it will be easy to see the process and priorities we used to arrive at a solution.

Our company represents a wide spectrum of product providers, which allows us to offer a wide array of financial products. For any potential product solution you might consider, you will be provided with any relevant company or product brochure, explanation, or illustration. It is important that you have all the information you need to understand your options for addressing your financial concerns.

Once a final selection has been made, essential information related to the selection is saved in your Generational Vault to ensure proper transparency.

Additionally, we continuously seek to make the process of completing the required paperwork to implement your selected solution as easy as possible through the use of the latest technology. We are pleased to offer efficient solutions, such as pre-populated and electronically-generated forms with e-signature capabilities, when appropriate.

Should the New Generation Retirement system lead to a recommendation, you should have confidence knowing that every step of the process has been documented through Generational Vault, thus ensuring we have upheld our commitment to act as a fiduciary and be transparent throughout our relationship.