what to expect

  • Prior to your first appointment with us, we will ask you to gather some documentation and take a short risk analysis quiz.
  • During your first appointment, we will go over goal setting and getting to know you as in individual. 
  •  During the second appointment, we will go over the portfolio analysis we’ve created for you.
  • The third appointment is spent working on Asset Allocation.
  • The fourth appointment, we will spend time going over all investments once the transition has been made.
  • Then, we will continue to have ongoing meetings and building our relationship with you.

The 5 steps

step 1

Gathering Documents & Risk score analysis

Prior to your first appointment with us, please take our Risk Score Analysis and gather the following information to bring with you to your appointment if applicable:
  • Your most recent complete statements for your accounts such as IRA’s, Annuities, 401(k) Plan, Brokerage accounts, Stock/Mutual Fund portfolio summaries and recent statements
  • Insurance Policies
  • Health Insurance Information if you’re not on an employer-sponsored plan
  • Trust information
  • Inheritance Information
  • Last 2 Years Tax Returns (if interested in a tax review)

step 2

Fact & Feeling Finding

The second step helps us understand where your assets are currently invested and the amount of risk to which they are exposed. Many clients want their assets secure enough to generate a steady stream of income on the first day of your retirement, but still maintain enough market involvement and growth potential to generate future income.

Our company wants to sit down with you to understand your unique financial goals, needs and objectives. To see what kind of plan works for you.

Prior to coming in for your appointment you’ll take a risk analysis using a self-assessment called the Color of Money Risk Analysis, which delivers an immediate numerical score and a brief explanation of your risk profile. This analysis and your assigned score are designed to help you understand how you feel about potential investment gains and losses so you can appropriately allocate your assets. Ultimately, how you organize your assets and balance their exposure to risk can have a significant impact on your retirement lifestyle. Your Color of Money Risk Analysis score will be recorded in your personal Generational Vault.

By the end of the our meeting with you, you will have a better understanding of your financial situation – and be ready for help addressing it.

This appointment, along with your Color of Money Risk Analysis score, enables us to help plan your retirement strategy in a completely transparent and documented way, and helps you gain a more in-depth knowledge of the financial concepts covered in the reports provided in Step Three.

Your Color of Money Risk Analysis score and your answers to questions in the Strategy Assessment will be recorded in Generational Vault.

step 3


In Step Three, we will examine key areas that are fundamental to successful retirement planning, which may vary based on your retirement goals but most commonly begin with an analysis of asset allocation and risk tolerance and include a focus on income planning. Additional consideration and analysis is also offered to include asset maximization, legacy planning and tax strategies.

step 4

Solutions & Executing

Any solution we discuss will be based on your facts, feelings, goals, objectives and the analysis we completed during Step Three: Strategy. Even years from now, it will be easy to see the process and priorities we used to arrive at a solution.

Our company represents a wide spectrum of product providers, which allows us to offer a wide array of financial products. For any potential product solution you might consider, you will be provided with any relevant company or product brochure, explanation, or illustration. It is important that you have all the information you need to understand your options for addressing your financial concerns.

Once a final selection has been made, essential information related to the selection is saved in your Generational Vault to ensure proper transparency.

Additionally, we continuously seek to make the process of completing the required paperwork to implement your selected solution as easy as possible through the use of the latest technology. We are pleased to offer efficient solutions, such as pre-populated and electronically-generated forms with e-signature capabilities, when appropriate.

Should the New Generation Retirement system lead to a recommendation, you should have confidence knowing that every step of the process has been documented through Generational Vault, thus ensuring we have upheld our commitment to act as a fiduciary and be transparent throughout our relationship.

step 5

Ongoing Relationship

Generational Vault

Our company believes that technology to help you organize, manage and access your financial life is the foundation to successful retirement planning, and we use Generational Vault as well as a suite of technology accessible through Generational Vault to help deliver on our commitment.

When you partner with our company, Generational Vault provides you immediate access to your financial life, and you will instantly benefit from its power through increased communication, education and documentation available to you 24/7.

We haven’t forgotten how important it is to leave a legacy. Whether financially or through the simple gift of sharing your collection of memories, Generational Vault will house your remembrances for your loved ones when you upload pictures, videos and other important keepsakes.

By All Accounts

Helping you stay up-to-date on your assets is an essential task as a financial services professional.

Our company stays current on your assets using a reporting technology that allows us to sync your insurance and investment assets, and deliver those account balances in an easily displayed format in your Generational Vault account. This means you have the power to access your account balances online, 24/7.

Wealth Watch

Helping to alert you on gains and losses from the market can be an important role for a financial services professional.

Our company uses a revolutionary system that allows us to keep an eye on your assets by using “triggers” that will automatically notify us when your account value has gone above or below the thresholds you’ve selected. We have the capability to monitor your entire portfolio – fixed annuities, variable annuities, 401(k)s, IRAs, ETFs, stocks, bonds, REITs and more – no matter where you are, no matter where we are.

Client Communication

Knowing that you have a financial partner is probably one of the most important responsibilities for a financial services professional to deliver.

When you partner with our company, it is our goal to maintain an active relationship with you. To best accomplish this, we rely heavily on Generational Vault to help deliver important messages and announcements to you throughout the year. It should be your destination for updated documents and educational material.

Moreover, we also recognize the value of a face-to-face relationship; ask us about how you can connect with us as requested or on an annual basis through Generational Vault’s appointment request section.

5-Star Service

Our relationship will be guided by the principles that define our organization: fiduciary, transparency and technology. Throughout our work together, you can be confident knowing you have given careful consideration to your asset allocation and risk, income planning, asset maximization, legacy planning, and tax strategies.

We believe the hallmarks of our company combined with our five-step New Generation Retirement system will result in five-star service and a long-term partnership for your retirement success.

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